SocialErasmus is a really unique section. Unique because it was created at University of Warsaw and inspired the rest of Polish cities. Unique because it offers Erasmus students something completely different to the other sections. Not only sensitises them to local problems but most of all it integrates them with the local community thanks to visits to orphanages, charitable organisations or International Lessons given by Erasmus students in schools. We want SocialErasmus to be a synonym of sharing joy, relief and experience between the Poles and students from all over the world.

Together with Erasmus students we plant trees in the woods, paint the hospital corridors or simply make people smile.

We want to make them more enthusiastic and to create strong integration with hospitable Poles. SocialErasmus offers positive energy and a willingness to act!

We organise events like Free Hugs, visits to orphanage and Food Market or International Christmas Eve. Our plan is to continue projects such as Erasmus in schools, further cooperation with orphanages or collecting plastic caps in order to get a wheelchair for the people who need them.

All the members of SocialErasmus want to encourage exchange students to help others and be more openminded.

We give them the opportunity to be noticed by the locals and we want to show everyone what we really have in our hearts without stereotyping other cultures.

Social section is not only fun in a good company but also a possibility to fill other people with positive energy!

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