Hey you! Yes you!
Do you like to drink beer? We think the answer is simple :D
But do you believe that there is something more to life? Well this is a question we will try to answer together. So if you are an open and courious person interested in social and historical situation of the country of your stay, we have good news. There is something special for you!

We would like to invite you all to Zachęta Museum to show you around the exhibition called "Wild at heart." It focuses on the Poles during the social and economic transformation. How did we change, what do we believe in, what are our dreams and goals - with us you will find answers to these questions. Together, we will see that Poland has more to offer than just cheap and good alcohol.

All this and more will be the perfect inspiration for the discussion we have prepared afterwards. You will have the opportunity to discuss many interesting issues, learn more about Poland and discover our points of view. Moreover it's a great occasion to improve your language skills in a very casual environment! So don't hesitate and join us to discover Polish cultural secrets!