ESN UW gives you one-time opportunity to visit one of the most fascinating
and unusual of technologic monuments in the city! Water Filters Station
which has supplied Warsaw with water since 19th century.

You never imagined that waterworks can be so beautiful and unforgettable!

Entrance for free (and impossible for individual visitors!)

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN: send a PM to Magdalena Walerysiak,
with your name + surname + document number (any document with your photo,
you need to have it during visiting Filtry due to security reasons).

Places are limited so hurry up! ☺

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Warsaw Water Filters (Lindley's Filters) are one of three Warsaw waterworks.
Construction was finished in 1886, built according to William Lindley's design.
Since 1973 Warsaw Filters are on Poland's official national Historic Monuments list.

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