It’s time for the last film this semester!!! ESN UW presents
“Day of the Wacko”, a very bitter comedy of 2002.

A sad-sack neurotic Adam tries to find solace from the nagging
day-to-day stresses of academic life. To escape the madness
of his life, he plans a trek to the sea to re-evaluate his life.

“Day of the Wacko” gained enormous popularity due to its
exceptional humour and very bitter presentation of everyday
life in Poland. No one is better at nagging about grim reality
than Adam, the main character of this movie!
Come and enjoy his complaining with us!!!

ESN UW Presents is a recurring event created in cooperation
with the University of Warsaw Students' Union. We will present
You the very best of Polish films, both old and new, with ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Before the screening we will tell you some basic information about
the film and its historical background (for about 10 minutes).
After the film you can stay for the discussion.

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