Cognitive psychology for beginners: workshop

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What is cognitive psychology and why it is worth to study? Is it imaginable to be fully rational? How does your brain function? Is it possible to have fake memories? These questions will be discussed at the workshop on cognitive psychology. Its aim is to present and discuss mechanisms such as memory, perception, attention, reasoning and problem solving.

1. Introduction to cognitive psychology.
2. The most intriguing effects of perception. How to identify shapes and patterns?
3. Brain and mind: neurocognitive psychology – how to find out what is happening inside our brains?
4. Language and brain: what kind of surprising links can we spot?
5. Computers vs. reasoning and problem solving. What is similar, what is different?
6. Case study: group challenge on cognition and your experience.
7. Summary. Q&A Session. Recommendation of further readings.

Maximum number of participants: 16. The participants will solve tasks working in groups of 3-4 (depending of total number of students). No expectations related to study groups or prior knowledge, nonetheless the workshop would be more interesting for those who have not studied psychology.

Trainer: Małgorzata Pawlak
Organisational psychologist in telecom industry and a PhD student at Warsaw School of Economics. Currently works on a PhD thesis on links between cognition and financial decisions. Graduate of University of Warsaw (MA in Psychology) and Warsaw School of Economics (MA in Finance). Founder of a cultural project “Warsaw for Beginners” (at Society of Creative Initiatives “ę”, 2010-2014). Experience as a trainer with Ufa, Q Zmianom Society, Society for Intercultural Initiatives and Sociological Club at Zagreb University. Passionate about Balkans and cinema. Speaks English, French and Polish, beginner at learning Albanian.

Summing up:
WHERE: Krakowskie Przedmieście 24 - Students' Union building, room 100
WHEN: 15.05.2017 at 18:00
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