Hey guys!
By this time you already know that Warsaw is filled with plenty of theaters and probably you always wanted to see a play here but unfortunately you’re not an expert (yet) in Polish :P
Well…ESN University of Warsaw knows great theatre crew AntrAct Group so we can all go to the theater! :D

About the play:
Michael McKeever’s ’37 Postcards’
A young man comes back to his family home after 8 years in Europe to introduce his lovely fiancée to his parents. However, upon arrival, he realizes his family is just as eccentric as they were, much to his fiancée’s dismay. But there is a method to this madness and the house-on-a-tilt becomes to unravel as a secret from the past comes back to life. How far will you go to forget?

*The play is in English and contains strong language and is not suitable for young children.

Visit our office and get the ticket! :D
Spots are limited!

11/03/2018 -
18:00 to 20:00
Dom Sztuki, Wiolinowa 14 St
10 pln