Mobility days (previously known as Erasmus Days) is an event organised annually by Erasmus Student Network at University of Warsaw and International Relations Office since one of ESN's aims is to publicise the mobility among members of the academic communities.

The aim of Mobility Days is to promote the idea of studying abroad, doing international internships as well as promoting tolerance for diversity, openness to international experience and integration with foreign students staying on a scholarship in Poland.

During the Mobility days, students of University of Warsaw will have the opportunity to learn about education in countries participating in Erasmus+ program. Guests will be welcomed with stands full of information materials about the recruitment process, studying abroad and Erasmus + internship.

Moreover, you will have an opportunity to talk to the university coordinators as well as former Erasmus+ participators and foreign students studying or working in Poland who will share their experience and answer all your questions.

There were two events in 2015 (19.02.2015 on Ochota Campus in Biology Faculty and 20.02.2015 on Main Campus, in University Library).

To make our event even more attractive we would like to provide you with some surprises such as photo booth, where you will be able to take photos.

The event is so important for us since it encourages students to participate in Erasmus+ program and gain some experience abroad which is also a form of international promotion of our university and country.