It is the youngest project of Erasmus Student Network. The project has two aims:
first of all, it is aimed at disabled people. We want to assure them that they too can
go abroad for an exchange.

Also we want to encourage people, mostly with physical disabilities, to check
whether the city they want to visit or live in is accessible (and to what level). More
specifically, if a person in a wheelchair can enter a university or a restaurant. You
can visit the website to get more information about MappED!

ExchangeAbility is aimed at students who are incoming as well as as those
studying at their home university.
With this project we want to increase awareness of disability. In order to raise this
awareness we organise various events that will help the youth to understand what
exactly disability is.

One of the events is a dinner in the dark during which we encourage participants to
get to know the world of blind people. Our guests eat a meal in darkness and with
their eyes covered.

Another event that will be held this autumn is challenge your senses. During these
workshops we will introduce to our participants different types of activities. Each of
them illustrating a different disability for example, painting without hands.

See our official website for more info about the project: http://exchangeability.eu/